28 Sep 2011

Help Us to Help Others

As an update to my previous post "SunflowerSisters' Amazon Affiliate Program", we have been very busy seeking out suitable new retailers to add to our Books and Gift Store page. We have now affiliated with several new retailers which offer products such as:
  • yoga and fitness gear,
  • eco-friendly organic products,
  • organic nutritional supplements, foods and personal care products,
  • medical and pharmacy supplies,
  • flowers and gift items,
and happily,
  • a large selection of quality wigs at very reasonable prices.
In addition to these, there is a very large selection of everyday consumer goods, and we continue to seek out new retailers whose products complement our website and reflect the interests of our readers. We are also happy to announce our acceptance to affiliate programs in the UK.

You may recall, when you enter one of our affiliates' websites through a link on one of the Sunflower Sisters websites, and make a purchase, a small commission is paid to us. These commissions help us to finance the costs of maintaining and updating our website.

Where can you find the links to our affiliated retailers?
  1. SunflowerSisters Books and Gift Stores
  2. A new tab on our Facebook page called "Help Us to Help Others"
  3. On the right-hand column of our Sunflower Sisters Ovarian Cancer Blog.
Please remember to bookmark these pages so that you can easily return to your favourite online retailers.

Once again, we thank you for Helping Us to Help Others!


Anonymous said...

What a great way to cover your costs. I frequently shop at Amazon so I will bookmark your Gift Store page and use your links to enter their site.
Some of your other stores look interesting too. So much shopping, so little time! :)
Keep up the good work, girls!

Green Mountain Realty said...

Great cause and I hope that you guys get even more help and funding for this upcoming year.