17 Sep 2011

Dr. Oz Ovarian Cancer Diet Controversy

In recognition of September being Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Oz aired a special show on Tuesday.  The second half of the show featured a guest, Dr. William Li, President, The Angiogenesis Foundation.  The Angiogenesis Foundation is the world's first and leading not-for-profit organization dedicated to conquering disease by controlling the blood vessels that feed tumours.  Dr. Li presented his anti-ovarian cancer diet.http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/anti-ovarian-cancer-diet

Understandably, this has created a hubbub within the ovarian cancer community and has spurred The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance to contact Dr. Oz and ask the producers to provide the studies and the sources of the information supporting the claims made.
Here is their response:

In summary, the Alliance cannot support any of the claims as follows:
  • Endive - animal and human studies need to be conducted
  • Onions - studies are needed to further evaluate this association
  • Fish - data conflict at this time re fish-based Omega 3 fatty acids*
  • Tomatoes - few studies have indicated a clear link

* recent newspaper articles have cited studies indicating fish-based Omega 3 fatty acids interfere with chemotherapy effectiveness.

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