14 Sep 2011

Good Things Happen in Three's

There is an old adage about "good things happening in three's", and in our family it's no exception.  On September 7th we added our newest member  - welcome to the world Miss Aubrey Ruth!  She is the third baby this year and if you've been following our blogs, all three have been girls. 
(Photo courtesy of VdK Photography)

On Sunday, two of my sisters and myself (that makes three) participated in the 5 km Cambridge (Ontario) Ovarian Cancer Walk of Hope.  We even managed to get two out of three husbands on the march along with our 6 month old puppy - well, that makes three boys.  It was a glorious day and a successful event.  Congratulations to the organizers for all of their efforts!  Ovarian Cancer Canada had a target of $1.7M and managed to raise $2.5M and counting... fantastic!
A special thank you goes to "my Sunflower Sister" aka the webmaster of this site, for putting together our outfits - specially stencilled teal t-shirts, sunflower bands for our hats and even a sunflower scarf for our puppy.  I think we looked pretty good - don't you?

Lastly, I'm extremely grateful to have news from another Sunflower Sister who is enjoying remarkable health despite tremendous odds.  Keep going sister - you know who you are!!

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Lisa said...

She is such a sweet pea... Welcome to the world Aubrey Ruth!