2 Dec 2011

Mulled* W(h)ine

Yesterday, I made three attempts to write this blog and due to the number of references and links that I included... the system ate them.

So, today, you'll just have to take my word for it - I'm trying to update you on the latest research on red wine - its risks and rewards.
One source cited that 2 glasses of red wine a week is the maximum safe amount.  The next source went out on a limb and said 4 glasses a week still provided value with minimum risk of increased incidence of certain types of cancer.  Finally, Gregory Pawelski, moderator of the Cancer Focus website - a non-affiliated site for PhD's to banter about breaking news - wrote an article that said in order to attain the  "therapeutic" value of red wine - i.e. resveratrol  - one would have to drink a bottle and a half per day!!

Well now, isn't that encouraging with the Holiday Season approaching?!

Seems to me, unless one was a "seasoned" imbiber, a bottle and a half would have more repercussions than simply being an anti-carcinogen.  As my father says - moderation in all things - so here's a great recipe that will provide the antidote to the wine and balance things out:

Mulled Wine:

     4 bottles of red wine

Add the following anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-angiogenetics (all true!):
     4 dozen whole cloves
     6 cinnamon sticks
     3 crushed whole nutmegs
     2 teaspoons ground ginger
     6 allspice berries
     Sliced oranges and lemons

Put in a large cauldron and simmer for an hour  - or for however long you can stand the fabulous aromas wafting from the range....

Cheers!  Here's to therapeutic values!

* to ponder or consider at length

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linda said...

Yummy! Going to a 'chemo buddies' holiday party next Friday and now have just the drink to surprise everyone with. (besides the moose hat I'll be wearing and Christmas socks)

Teal Hugs,
Happy Turtle