28 Dec 2011

Happy New Year 2012

As the New Year rings in, we are reminded that January is Testicular Cancer Awareness month in Canada, affectionately known as Manuary.  Many of us have heard about this disease as a result of the tremendous work done by Livestrong  - the foundation created by Lance Armstrong - and as well by the many awareness campaigns led by Scott Hamilton.  We're extremely proud to say that the Livestrong Foundation was one of the earliest "followers" of our website.
Few of us are aware of the similarities between testicular cancer and ovarian cancer - specifically, germ cell cancer - a very rare form of ovarian cancer.  Ovarian germ cell tumours are malignant cells formed in the germ egg cells of the ovary.  They account for about 5% of ovarian cancers according to the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center website.
There are several types of testicular cancer but the most common type is found in young men between the ages of 15-29. Similarly, germ cell tumours are typically found in teenage girls and young women.  Both cancers are named gonadal and are treated almost identically.  They are optimally debulked surgically followed by similar chemotherapy drugs and radiation.

In honour of our "brother" cancer, we have created a series of products aimed at Testicular Cancer Awareness and are launching them on our brand new major cause awareness website TheGiftMD.com .  My sister, our webmaster and designer extraordinaire, has been busy creating unusual awareness products for the most notable causes - all worthy of our understanding and support.
Have a look at that little guy joyfully ringing the bell - just like us - when chemo's finished - life begins anew!  Happy New Year to one and all!

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