16 Dec 2011

A Gift of Love

I've never borrowed anyone else's words in total for my blog so today is an exception.  Dr. David Simon is one of my spiritual heros - the co-founder of The Chopra Center along with Dr. Deepak Chopra.  Dr. Simon is on a very serious journey with a challenging form of brain cancer - exceptionally bad news for a neurologist...yet, he finds time to dictate beautiful messages such as this one taken from today's Chopra Newsletter:

A Gift of Love . . . to Yourself

Think of someone you love with every cell in your body. It might be your child, a parent who always encouraged you, or your spouse. Or maybe your beloved pet or a life-long friend. If you can feel or envision this expansive state of lovingness, you will recognize that it is possible to care for someone so much that your only desire is for that person or being to be happy. Now consider how you would feel if you could embrace this level of love for yourself.

If you loved yourself as much as a mother loves her children, what choices would you make?  You might imagine that, like a devoted mother, you’d want your kids to take good care of themselves. You’d hope that they would eat healthy foods, get enough rest, and avoid self-destructive behavior. You would encourage them to associate with intelligent, creative, and compassionate people. You would encourage them to find their passion in life and develop skills that would allow them to create material abundance while doing those things they enjoy the most. You would want them to have a life of happiness, health, love, and freedom.

These are experiences that we all would like, and my hope is that if you aren’t already treating yourself as the magnificent, lovable being that you are, you will begin today. You can start by asking yourself how you are currently nurturing your body, heart, and mind. 

Here are some questions for reflection:

  • Am I nourishing my body with healthy food?
  • Am I generally getting plenty of restful sleep or do I need to make this more of a priority?
  • Do I take time each day to quiet my mind in meditation or another mindfulness practice?
  • Am I giving my body the opportunity to move consciously through activities that enhance my flexibility, strength, and endurance (such as yoga, walking, hiking, sports, etc.)?
  • Am I taking advantage of the healing power of the senses by surrounding myself with nurturing sights, sounds, tastes, touch, and smells?
  • Do I need to let go of any non-nurturing habits or addictions, such as overeating, smoking, or overspending?
  • Is there anything I’m holding onto from the past that is causing me pain in the present? If the answer is yes, am I taking steps to release emotional toxicity and heal my heart?
  • Am I able to maintain healthy boundaries and honor my own needs?
  • Do I practice conscious communication with the people in my life?
  • Am I part of a loving community of like-minded individuals who share core beliefs and intentions.
  • Do I have a light-hearted approach to life? Am I able to be responsible yet not take myself too seriously . . . allowing me to engage with others from a more expanded sense of self?
  • Each day, do I set my intentions with the mind-set that either my desires will be fulfilled or I will learn something of value?
  • Am I open to seeing the world from new perspectives, even those that seem in opposition to my usual point of view?
  • Am I continuing to learn new things that expand my mind and increase my enthusiasm for life?
  • Am I cultivating an internal dialogue that supports unlimited possibilities for myself, my loved ones, and the world?
As you read these questions, notice if any of them resonate with you as something you want to shift in your life. Then choose just one area to begin with and write down the smallest possible step you can take to begin to give more to your body, heart, or mind. In reality, they are inextricably connected, so the benefits of nurturing one aspect will ripple out into all areas of your life – and beyond. Have fun and see what you can create!

With love,

Thank you David...with love from us at Sunflower Sisters!

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