16 May 2012

Run Report

Sunday, May 13th marked the 10th Annual Run for Ovarian Cancer, London, Ontario.  Sunflower Sisters put together a team of 25 runners, walkers and "strollers" and at last count, raised over $11,400.  We're still a bit fuzzy about the grand total due to the Run Treasurer's need to manually handle and post personal cheques and cash.  The overall event goal was $160,000 and they announced a (sub)total of $180,000!!

Sunflower Sisters Team 2012
The day started out ominously.  I was awakened at 5:20am by two things - firstly, the sound of slashing rain on the skylight and secondly, by my darling husband moaning with a sore tummy and flu-like symptoms.  Oh boy...

As for the weather, my Dad claims a direct connection - a hot line to the Almighty - and told us not to worry.  Not to worry?  Hours later, we arrived at the Run grounds and it was still pouring - with all of us standing around in rain gear and umbrellas or simply getting soaked.  Hubby perked up (not sure if that was true) with the help of Gravol and tea - he refused to be left at home.

We assembled in the soggy parking lot - handed out t-shirts and caps - worked our way down to the rallying area and miraculously, on cue, the rain stopped and the sun made a valiant attempt at peaking out.  Thanks Dad!

Our brother-in-law - now claiming bragging rights for years to come, after recently running and (more importantly) finishing the Boston Marathon - led the men to the starting line - those who would actually run the 5km.  Nice to have a ringer!  His wife, our own webmaster and Team Leader, Lisa, also a running enthusiast, led the women.  Not only did they run, but they doubled back and joined up with the rest of us so we could all cross the finish line together!  And cross the line we did - in style - everyone jogging and pretending that we'd done that all the way!  We had a great walk, lots of good chatter and laughs and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful venue.  The running/walking path follows the Thames River - lined with wildflowers, old arboreal forest and teaming with birds and ducks...and yes, everything in London, Ontario is named after everything in London, England!

I was profoundly moved by the arrival of my departed teal sister's husband, two sons and daughter-in-law who joined us for the walk.  They were overcome with emotion from the flood of memories and our hugs.  We can only hope that it was a giant step in their healing.  Another Sunflower Brother, a friend who'd lost his wife to this disease two years ago, joined us as well - it too was cathartic for him.

We entertained about 30 people after the event - the house was abuzz with chatter and conviviality for hours.  We wished all of you could have been with us for the celebration.

I'll end this Run Report by saying how extremely humbled I am by the overwhelming enthusiasm, love and support that was given for a cause that united us as none other could - in the combined hope that the efforts made and funds raised, will make a difference.

Thank you!

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