1 May 2012

May Day

Today is May 1st - the halfway point between Spring Solstice and Summer Solstice.  Today is also known as Beltane in Celtic mythology.  It is the celebration of the rebirth of Mother Earth - a time of welcoming the warming of the soil, of new growth and a period of abundance symbolised by green everywhere.  It's a period of planning, planting and supporting.

Spring is hope - everything in nature is putting out an incredible effort to be - to reproduce - to ensure continuity.  It's not a period of reflection but one of action - of making an effort - of discovery.  Having just recently moved, I find myself staring at the flowerbeds wondering what's in there - what will those tiny shoots become?

I too am metamorphising from the dark days (of chemo toxicity) to a crisper awareness of light and energy surrounding me.  At today's yoga, we were reminded of where we are in our individual practice and how we can move forward...imbalance is needed to achieve balance. 

Some of my fellow practitioners and Sunflower Sisters are in deep physical peril from their disease but they have found the middle ground - the place of serenity and calm - and continue to nurture us through their example.

The expression May Day is a cry for help in Morse parlance.  I hear May Day as the trumpeter playing Reveille - a signal that it's time to wake up, get the rake out and sweep up winter's debris.

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Karen Ingalls said...

Yesterday I did spring cleaning in my garden for the last time. We are moving after 23 years so it is a time of sadness to be leaving, but also a time of excitement as we start our new adventure. No matter where I am, I will always have some form of a garden whether it is a single pot or a whole yard. Gardens are so representative of life...growth, balance, death, then new growth!