28 Apr 2011

Followup on Sat's R&R

A press release today from The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) in Britain has recommended that women over 50 automatically be tested for ovarian cancer by using the blood test CA125.  The government is clear about wanting to improve survival rates and the only real method of doing that is early detection.  The CA125 test, although not conclusive, is one of the tools commonly used in diagnosing ovarian cancer.  A doubling in the normal value (normal is 35U/ml) is one of the indicators that ovarian cancer could be present.  Having an elevated CA125 isn't conclusive and in some women isn't abnormal.  The only certainty in diagnosing the disease is through surgery.
The blood test costs about $25.00.
"Nice" to see some action on this front.

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