3 Feb 2013

Bulletproof Your Teeth

There was an extremely interesting article published today on Dr. Mercola's website entitled "The Benefits of Minimally Invasive Dentistry".   Dr. Mercola's interview with Dr. Tim Rainey - a pioneer of biologic dentistry - offers alternatives to the "drill and fill" stereotypical methods.  Early intervention, using Dr. Rainey's techniques, is said to prevent up to 80% of future decay.

Many ovarian cancer patients, especially those who have undergone multiple rounds of chemotherapy, experience problems with their teeth.   Whether it is accelerated decay, gum erosion or tooth loss, most issues stem from the drugs' seepage (up to 30%) into your mouth via the saliva glands.  Dr. Rainey suggests the nightly use of baking soda - both as a toothpaste and a rinse - to neutralise the acidity in your mouth.

Cancer patients can also be victims of early onset osteoporosis - calcium deficiency being a common side effect of chemo.  Dr. Rainey recommends toothpastes which contain calcium phosphate to help rebuild the surface enamel.  He states that the most fundamental way to correct the Ph in your mouth is to change your diet.  Promoting beneficial flora can be achieved by eating fermented vegetables, cultured yogurts from raw organic milk and using oral probiotic tablets.  And who ever heard of "oil pulling"?  No, not tooth extraction!

Here is the complete video and article full of interesting and modern approaches to "bulletproofing your teeth":



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