17 Jan 2013

Cancer Focus Reprints

Sunflower Sisters is pleased to announce that we have obtained permission from Gregory Pawelski, author and moderator of the Cancer Focus website, a forum for PhD's, to reprint his commentaries on ovarian cancer. 

In his own words - "I was a spouse/caregiver to an ovarian cancer patient. I became intensely interested in cancer medicine by virtue of working through, enduring and surviving my wife's illness. My college education (I trained as a political economist) and experience helped me to gather knowledge by virtue of voluminous reading and hundreds of hours of past and ongoing personal communication with noted authorities and experts in the field. Although now retired, privately, I've been a cancer patient advocate...my point...is to educate patients and others..." 

Here is a link to his wife's story http://www.cancerlynx.com/pawelski.html

Sunflower Sisters will post Greg's commentaries as and when they appear on his website.  For past postings or registration go to:  www.cancerfocus.org

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