9 Feb 2012

Mirror, mirror...

Yours truly is a member of the online Ovarian Cancer National Alliance Support community - Team Inspire - where members share with each other information, personal experiences, trials and tribulations and the highs and lows of living with ovarian cancer.  It's not all doom and gloom however, there are lots of very funny postings.  A recent string started out with a member who wrote about the devastating experience of seeing herself - really seeing herself - in the mirror.  She thought that after having received so much chemo, she now looked like her husband's mother instead of his wife.  Another wrote of the places one least expects hair regrowth and the remarkable quantity of it following certain chemos.  Someone then joined in by offering helpful hints as to how to get rid of those nasties and swore it wouldn't cause the hair to grow in thicker than ever!

My giggle today was reading Dr. Mercola's column - always and ever chasing the fountain of youth - entitled "Swallow this to Help reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles" (my italics).  He is promoting a supplement called Astaxanthin - oh, and be sure to get the natural, organic type.  This is a powerful antioxidant that "potentially" reverses wrinkles and age spots.  It is the ingredient that causes baby flamingos to turn pink from their white birth state.  I lost count after the fifth time he used of the word "phenomenal".


I guess I better get some...I wonder if they offer volume discounts?

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linda said...

Thanks for the chuckle! Do you think some people will take you seriously????? Linda Mc