29 Jan 2012

Dancing With N.E.D.

N.E.D. means no evidence of disease - the sweetest words any cancer patient could ever hear.  N.E.D. is also a band - a rock band composed of six gynaecological oncology surgeons who got together in 2008 for a one-time gig playing for other surgeons. 

Dancing With N.E.D. is the title of a documentary film which follows the band from operating theatres to concert stages in their work to raise awareness nationwide of gynaecological cancers. You can read about it here: http://dancingwithned.com/

Dancing With N.E.D. is also about women living with gynaecological cancer - their real life traumas, heart-wrenching journeys and joys. 

The band, N.E.D., continues to perform across the USA bringing attention to the cause, spreading healing through music and hopefully raising badly needed research dollars.

Some months ago, I contacted the producers of the documentary requesting their permission to use the expression Dancing With N.E.D.  We received a warm and overwhelming "Yes" to our efforts to continue the awareness campaign.

We have linked our creation of N.E.D. with their website - he's pretty darn cute, don't you think?

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