10 Oct 2011

Canadian Thanksgiving Gratitude

Unlike our neighbours south of the border, Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October every year.  I guess it's simply a question of latitude and the harvest coming in a month sooner or maybe it's the snow arriving earlier!

Thanksgiving here is very much like the US celebration complete with turkey and all the fixings.  Today though, we feel closer to Florida than the Arctic as the temperatures soar to a balmy 80+ degrees - highly unusual for October.

Thanksgiving is very much a time for reflection.  Those of us on "the path"  have so much to be thankful for - our families, our friends, our support network, our doctors and nurses, people whose prayers you feel but remain anonymous.

I remember a funny adage that goes "if you're still breathing, there's more right with you than wrong".  Well, I'm still breathing and four years later, consider myself to be extremely lucky to be able to say so.
I'm grateful for the time to be able to share my thoughts, research and collective wisdom with you.  I'm grateful that there are readers out there that have said that it matters.  I'm extremely grateful to my real sister who makes all of this possible - linking us together in cyberspace.  I'm grateful to all the angels who through simple suggestions of "read this" or "try that" - continually keep me evolving.
Lastly and most importantly, what is Thanksgiving without giving thanks to the most important man in my life - the steadying force behind my strength, the constant in my journey of extreme ups and downs, the quiet love and a true present moment person - my love, my husband.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to All!

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