28 Aug 2011

Followup - Creating Your Own Clinical Trial/Nabilone

As discussed in my blog  Creating Your Own Clinical Trial, I have been taking  low dose naltrexone - LDN - for one month now and can report few side-effects other than sleeplessness for the first two weeks accompanied by a very "jittery" feeling which is only now starting to subside.  My oncologist is following these with me.  And, as a result of a flattening in my CA125 (at a very low number) he has decided that I've had enough chemo and given me a "time off for good behaviour".  Yeah!
In the meantime, it is our hope that the LDN will help strengthen my immune system and help keep me away from chemo for while.  I'm back to juicing, taking supplements, increasing daily exercise and of course, practising meditation twice a day. 
It feels great to be in a pro-active mode rather than defensive.

Also, as a followup to the Nabilone blog (medical marijuana) my doctor laughed when I reported the effect that it had on me and said "I told you so...only the young kids like it."

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