10 Jul 2011

Just Because...

Just because it's Sunday, and just because I watched the 1973 film/musical version of Tom Sawyer yesterday and just because it's so darn relevant - here are the lyrics to "If'n I Was God" sung by that adorable, freckle-faced, red-headed Johnny Whitaker complete with tears streaming down his face because Aunt Polly had just slapped him:

If'n I was God
Well, just for spite
I wouldn't set the sun at night
Til everyone was treated right
By everyone else they see

If'n I was God
I'd fix it so without explainin'
Folks would know
They'd know what's goin' on inside
Of everyone else like me

Nobody'd hurt nobody else
I wouldn't let it be
Nobody'd have a need to pray
Except, for thankin' me

If'n I was God
I'd make us wise
So's everyone could realize
That everyone beneath the sun
Everyone needs everyone
And, God, that ain't half what I would do
If'n I were you

Just because - Happy Sunday!

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